How to Lose Belly fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time


How to Lose Belly Fat
When you are reducing your belly fat it will affect on your full body means your full body weight will decrease. This is a very challenging task to gain muscles mass weight at the same time. To gain muscle mass and reduce belly fat you have to eat a clean diet with no processed, sugar and refined. Choose such type of diet which refuels your muscles without gaining fat.

There are some steps you can follow while gaining muscles and reducing belly fat at same time.

Step 1.
Take 5-6 times meal in a day to increase your metabolism and makes your energy high. Eat higher protein meal after one hour of your workout session

Step 2. Eat avocado, 10 nuts, ½ cup seeds, 10 olives, ¼ cup of dark chocolate with no added sugar. Al these contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which helps to reduce belly fat.

Step 3. Water keeps everyone properly hydrated, so drink water throughout the whole day. Men should drink 15 cups of water and for women is 10 cups.

Step 4. Eat whole grain cereal, pasta, brown rice, fresh fruits, bread and vegetables because they contain complex carbohydrates. Avoid pastries, cookies, pies, candy, and white bread and rice because they have high calories and low nutrient.

Step 5. Eat egg-whites, chicken and fish. Include these in your meals because they contain lean proteins which refuel your muscles for gaining.

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