How to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss


How to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss
How to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss

I got many mails regarding how to tighten loose skin after weight loss naturally, will loose skin tighten up after pregnancy etc. The loose skin can come from weight loss, old age and due to pregnancy. When you loss weight then after weight loss the skin becomes loose at body part where weight is reduced. Skin can be loose after an illness also. Loosen skin effect your personality and you look old then your age. In this tutorial I will tell you many natural ways through you can tighten your skin without surgery.

How to Tighten Skin after Weight Loss with Exercise

  • To tighten your face skin, do facial exercise. Look at sky for 30 second continuously and take 10 seconds rest. Repeat this four to five times. It will tighten your face and neck loose skin. 
  • Stomach is the most effected body part of loose skin and it affect your whole figure. To tighten your stomach muscles do crunches. Don’t drink cold water. 
  • Don’t eat fast foods and junk foods. Include fruits in your meal. You can eat carrot, apples, whole grains like foods. These foods make your skin glower and tighten. Fresh fruits and vegetables make your skin tighten.

Will Loose Skin Tighten up after Pregnancy ?

  • Sun can also affect your skin. So when you are going on outing use suns cream, body lotions etc. Wear gloves on your hands. 
  • The one of the easy and best way to tighten your skin is that “drink more water” as much as possible. It will result in more glowing and tighten skin. 
  • Join yoga active classes or you can do yoga at your home also. Yoga will help you to relieve stress, make you flexible and make your skin tighten. Within few weeks you can lose weight and tighten up your skin. So join yoga classes or start yoga at home. 
  • Do callisthenics are the great way for building lean muscles and even tighten your loose skin. Do weekly callisthenics four to five times a week; include jumping, push-ups, windmills and jogging etc.  Add lean protein to your meals. By adding lean proteins in your meal also help you to tighten your skin. Fist it will make your muscle lean, which will make you appear more toned.


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