Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss


Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss
Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss
Many people frustrated by doing lots of exercises for weight loss but they don’t concentrate on their food. The one of the biggest factor which can help you to lose your weight is the food you eat. There are so many foods you can eat for lose weight. Following are the list of foods that help you to lose your weight:


Eggs are the good source of protein. According to doctors two eggs in breakfast have 400 fewer calories than when they ate bagels. So eggs are the excellent source of protein, include it in your breakfast to lose weight.


Apples are my favourite food for weight loss because they contain the high water content. Apples contains a nutrition called “quercetin”, it protects you by certain kinds of cancer, and make your lungs healthy. Apples also help you to glow your skin.


Normally some people think that water is a good drink for weight loss but if you add some food into the water makes it more filling than just drinking water separately. So the water in soup gives you more energy without giving you extra calories.


Salad contains fresh vegetables, beans and lean proteins, all these helps you to lose your weight. All the ingredients of salad can help you to lose weight but when they eaten together, these foods have more potent to lose your weight.


Cauliflower can also help you to lose your weight because it contains folate and vitamin C. When you eat the foods that contains vitamin c it will help you to burn more fat during physical exercise.

Get Muscularity Tip: Lose weight is not a quick process. You have to make continues efforts. Above foods will definitely helps you to lose your weight but you have to do some exercises also.

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