How to Gain Weight Naturally


How to Gain Weight Naturally
How to Gain Weight Naturally

If you are too thin than it cause you to feel weak and less confident. Gaining weight may help you to feel stronger, better your performance and stamina. Remember For a good health, seek to gain muscles rather than just gain fat. In this article I will show you some strategies that will help you to gain weight naturally and quickly.

Increase Calories Intake

The first key of gaining weight is calorie. You will not be able to gain weight if you do not increase calorie intake. To know how many calories you have to eat daily to gain weight read this article:

Eat Frequently

Adding more calories to each of your main meal will help you to increase your daily calorie intake. Eating often is another strategy than can help increase calorie consumption. Instead of sticking to three main meals, a weight-gain strategy of eating six or seven substantial meals may help you achieve your results.

Eat High Calorie Foods

Eat those foods which are high in calorie. Instead of choosing a clear, broth-based soup at lunch, go for the chilli. Snack on nuts instead of popcorn and raisins instead of grapes.


If you are serious to gain weight then never skip your meals. Always carry some snacks in your backpack ensures you have always something on your hands, even if a regular meal is not available. You can keep Trail mix, energy bars, whole-grain crackers and granola make portable, non-perishable snacks in your backpack or in your gym bag.

Do Strength Training

Go to gym at least four days a week and lift weights. It helps you to create more lean muscle mass. You can do heavy free weights like barbell and dumbbells, it helps stress the muscles so that they repair and build up stronger and bigger.


Drink milk, juice and other energy drinks. All these drinks are even better then water when you are gaining weight. You have to avoid soft drinks, sugary soda, which provides little nutrition with their calorie.

Junk Foods

Junk foods contain significant calories, but they have very little nutrition. Eating too much fast food, processed food, refined sugars and carbohydrates will encourage weight gain through fat not through healthy lean muscle.

Fruits and Vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can. You can eat Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, peas and corn offer more calories than their leafy green counterparts. Carbohydrates rich in whole grains are usually denser and provide more calories, fiber and nutrition than refined-flour versions.

Weight Loss Tips

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