Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose Steps and Benefits


Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose Steps and Benefits
Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose Steps and Benefits
The name of this pose is inspired by Hindu’s god “Shiva”. Lord Shiva is also known as Nataraja, also called Lord of Dance. The name “Nataraja” is made from two words: nat means dance and raja means king. Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana) Pose is best suited for improving concentration, balance of body, strengthens the muscles of hip, chest and thighs.

Steps for doing Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana)

  • Stand in the Mountain Pose (Tadasana).
  • Take a breath and shift your weight to your left foot and then lift your right heel towards your buttock. To balance your legs properly put additional pressure on thigh, hip and straight left leg.
  • Take a breath and keep your right hand behind the raised leg and grasp the right ankle. Lift your pubic area and hip accordingly to avoid additional strain.
  • With the help of your right hand, pull your right leg further up and extend left hand in front of you.
  • Stay in this pose 20-30 seconds and slowly come back to starting position and take 10-15 breaths. 
  • Now, repeat above steps for other leg.

Benefits of Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana)

  • It is best for improving balance.
  • This pose properly stretches the chest and shoulders.
  • Stretch the abdomen, thighs and groins.
  • Also strengthens the ankles and legs.
  • This pose is good for improving concentration.
Considerations: If you are suffering from blood pressures than don’t do this pose. If you are feeling dizzy than stop doing this pose. If you are beginner than take help of someone to avoid injuries.
Get Muscularity Tip: Many beginners, when you lift your leg, tend to cramp in the back of your thigh. Be sure to keep the ankle of the raised foot flexed; that is, draw the top of the foot toward the shin.

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