Weight Gaining Tips for Thin People


Weight Gaining Tips for Thin People
Weight Gaining Tips for Thin People

There are lot of searches on Google for weight loss but some people search for weight gaining diets and tips. I have to clear one thing, a weight-gain diet is not one filled with fast food and milk shakes, even for those who are visibly too thin. Whether you need to gain pounds or lose them, it's important to include a variety of healthy foods from all the food groups. Eating the right foods ensures that you gain more muscle and not fat.

#Tip 1. First thing you have to do is, calculate your total energy expenditure (TEE). Thin men can calculate it by multiplying his weight in pounds by 11 and women have to multiply her weight in pounds by 10. Now multiply the resulted number with an activity factor. You can choose activity factor as follows:

  • Activity Factor 1.3: If you get very little activity use 1.3.
  • Activity Factor 1.6, 1.5: If you get a little exercise or have a job that requires standing, use 1.6 if you are a men and 1.5 if you are a women.
  • Activity Factor 1.7, 1.6: If you are moderately active, such as with a light labor job, use an activity factor of 1.7 if you are men and 1.6 if you are women. 

After calculating TEE, add 500 to this number. Now resulted number is the total number of calories you need for gaining weight.

#Tip 2. Don’t eat more food in single meal. Eat 5-6 small meals in a day. The benefit of eating small meals is that it prevent you from getting too full. This technique might help you get in more calorie and help you to gain weight.

#Tip 3. Balance your meals. You should have to include a variety of foods in your meals such as vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy products and protein foods

#Tip 4. Always add calories to your usual foods. You can make your oatmeal with milk instead of water, add cheese and avocado to your sandwich at lunch; and instead of steaming your veggies at dinner, saute them in olive oil.

#Tip 5. You can include snack on high-calorie foods to your meals. For example, you can include fruits and nut, peanut butter on whole-wheat toast, cheese and crackers are all nutrient-rich, high-calorie snack options that can help you gain weight.

#Tip 6. Drink beverages that are high in calories. Water is also best for hydration but for gaining weight you can drink milk and fruit juice. These type of beverages are the best drink choices for gaining weight.

Get Muscularity Tip: Beware of weight-gain products. You can keep a dairy to make sure you are full filling your calorie needs. If you want to gain muscles than add some strength training exercises to your routine.

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