What is Hot Yoga, Benefits and Poses?


What is Hot Yoga, Benefits and Poses
What is Hot Yoga, Benefits and Poses
Hot yoga is also called heat yoga. Hot yoga is performed in a studio whose temperature is set to 40 C (105 F) and humidity of 40 percent. Now hot yoga There are many forms of hot yoga can be used to describe any number of yoga poses that use heat to increase an individual’s flexibility in the yoga poses. There are many forms of hot yoga, some forms are given below:

Hot Yoga Poses

  • Bikram Yoga: This style is synthesized by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga techniques. Bikram Yoga is performed in a room whose temperature is set to 40 °C (104 °F) and 40% humidity. Bikram Yoga class is 90 minutes long and consists of 26 postures.
  • Power Yoga: This yoga is derived from Ashtanga Yoga. Power yoga is helpful in building internal heat, strength, increased stamina and flexibility as well as reduction in stress.
  • Forrest Yoga: This Yoga technique is based on Hatha Yoga. Forest yoga is a modern yoga technique and it was created be Ana T. Forrest.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is popular among celebrities. But as a beginner you can also join hot yoga classes for 90 minutes. The various benefits of doing hot yoga are given below:
  • Increase flexibility in yoga poses
  • Increase the strength of body and spine.
  • Enhance the concentration power.
  • Hot yoga improves the balance and postures.
  • Hot yoga is helpful for heart, reducing stress and lowing blood pressure.
  • Doing hot yoga continue for long time may help you to cure low back pain and insomnia.
  • The main purpose of hot yoga is therapy. By doing continue practice of this yoga can help to heal old injuries and may also prevent them in future.
  • Hot yoga also helpful for people having diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, depression and arthritis.
  • Hot yoga is also helps in weight lose.

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