Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss


Fruits are very rich in nutrients that can support your immune system. Including fruits in your diet can be helpful if losing weight is one of your goal. Mostly all fruits contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs. For best results, incorporate fruit into your balanced, nutrient-rich diet that contains whole grains, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. I suggest before following any weight loss plan please approve your weight loss plan from your doctor.
Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss
Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

Best Fruits for Weight Loss

#1. Apples

Apples are the one of the best fruit for weight lose. Apples are very rich in fiber and low in calories. Eat one apple daily on empty stomach it will help you to stay fit and healthy. One medium-sized apple contains around 50 calories and doesn’t have any fat or sodium.

#2. Watermelon

Watermelon is also a best fruit to include in your diet for weight loss. Watermelon is high in water content (90%) and consuming 100 g of watermelon contains only 30 calories. Watermelon contains amino acids called arginine which helps to burn fat. The one of the best thing about watermelon is that it will keep you hydrated and satiated you for a long time which will lead to less unhealthy snacking.

#3. Guava

Guava is packed with immense health benefits. Guava is high in fiber and glycemic index of guava is low which makes it perfect for diabetics as well. Along with that, it keeps our bowel movements prim and proper which aids the overall weight loss process.

#4. Bananas

Personally I love bananas because they are healthy, easily portable and have a great taste. Bananas are rich in fiber and potassium both of these help aid in weight loss. Do you know? Banana is only fruit that is high source of vitamin B6. It will boost immunity and may lower your risk of heart disease. A average banana contains 105 calories per piece. Banana is an excellent source of instant energy . So enjoy banana by incorporate it in your diet.

#5. Pear

The pear fulfills one quarter of your daily fiber requirement and is great for your digestive system. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and type II diabetes. The fiber content keeps you satiated for longer than normal and the fruit also packs a mean punch thanks to the fact that it’s rich in Vitamin C.

#6. Oranges

Oranges are not only great in taste but a 100 g of orange contains only 47 calories which is great for someone looking for a snack while trying to follow a strict diet. It’s also sweet which will help take care of the cravings every dieter has for something sweet.

#7. Grapefruit

Grapefruits are high in water contents that will keep you satiated for long time.  In fact, it takes more energy to digest grapefruit than it contains in calories. While this does not mean someone can eat grapefruit along with anything else he or she pleases and lose weight, adding it to a well-balanced nutrition plan will certainly aid in fat loss.

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