What is Meditation, Forms, Benefits, Techniques


Meditation is a practice that bring around for thousands and thousands of years. Yet there is huge miss conception about what it really is. Meditation is something that everyone can do and every one can get benefit. When you search for the term “What is Meditation or what does it means?” you will get thousands of results on Google.
What is Meditation, Forms, Benefits, Techniques
What is Meditation, Forms, Benefits, Techniques

True Meaning of Meditation 

We often think that we are independent. We feel confident that we are not slaves. We don’t like to be slaves, dictated. We think we are independent or self-dependent. But a closer study will revealed the fact that we are really slaves and dependent. You are thinking why? Because when anything happened we disturbed, when anyone say something that we don’t like we disturbed, any thought expressed by anybody we disturbed, any object, person, things outside disturbed us. If something happens that you don’t like; it will disturb you. This is the sign of slavery. Slavery is not political; not an authority but slavery is to respond, to react to, to be effected by any external factor. If any person, thing or object can disturbed us we are slavery. So we should workout seriously to get out from this slavery. When we get up from this slavery it is independence or you are liberated. Now question arises how to get up from this slavery? The answer is simple- Meditation. Yes by meditation we can easily get out from slavery. Meditation is “Connecting yourself to you”. When you connect to self in you, then you will not bother what others do or say something nonsense about you.  Meditation allows you to get in your touch of yourself which is feeling of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite co-relations and power.
Let’s take some examples, suppose you like someone and he or she comes in your life than it feels you as the happiest person on the earth, but if he or she don’t like you than you become sad why? Because this is the condition of your mind if something happens that you like you feel happy and if something happens that you don’t like you become sad. So meditation is an art of life which teaches you there is no difference in pain and pleasure. We are unhappy because we always search our happiness in outer world but what happen when you find all happiness in yourself then you always will happy, no one can affect you.

What is the best place for Meditation?

What is the best place for Meditation
What is the best place for Meditation?
There are several myths about what places are best for meditation. Some people say mountains are the best place for meditation, some people says temples, everyone have different- different ideas about it. But the best place for meditation is the place where you feel more comfortable. If you feel comfortable on your bed, than it is best place for you to do meditation. So you can do meditation on every place where you feel comfortable. 

Benefits of Meditation

There are lots of benefits of meditation. Meditation is beneficial for health, mind, body and various lots of things. Some benefits of meditation are given below:
  • Meditation Increases Positive Emotions
  • Meditation Increases Ability to Focus
  • Meditation Increases Control Over Emotions
  • Meditation Increases Immune Function
  • Meditation Increases Compassion
  • Meditation Decreases:
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Feeling of Emptiness
  • Depression
  • Muscle tension
  • Build Self Confidence.
  • Improved brain function and memory
  • Helps control own thoughts
  • Develops intuition
  • Increased Productivity
  • Develop will power

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