WWE Rusev Biography and Secrets


WWE Rusev Biography and Secrets: Alexander Rusev is a professional Bulgarian wrestler and former powerlifter. His former ring name was Alexander Rusev and currently he perform as Rusev on WWE Raw Brand. Rusev works for the American professional Wrestling WWE. Do you know Rusev is the first Bulgarian in history to have wrestled for WWE. Currently Rusev is United States Champion.
WWE Rusev Biography and Secrets
WWE Rusev Biography and Secrets

WWE Rusev Biography and Secrets

  • Birth Name: Miroslav Barnyashev
  • Rusev Birthday: December 25, 1985
  • Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Ring Name(s): Rusev, Miroslav, Alexander Rusev, Miroslav Makarov
  • Rusev Height: 6 ft 0 inch or 1.83 m
  • Rusev Weight: 138 kg or 304 lb
  • Rusev Theme Song: Roar Of The Lion
  • rusev and lana: Spouse

Rusev Spouse (Wife)

Rusev married to C.J Perry (lana) m. 2016. Lana is an American actress, model, dancer, professional wrestling manager.

rusev and lana
rusev and lana
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