What is schizotypal personality disorder


Schizotypal personality disorder is a mental disorder. Schizotypal personality disorder is characterized by severe social anxiety, unconventional beliefs and paranoia. People suffering from this disorder face problems to maintain their close relationships. Basically they don’t understand how relationship formed and their impact on others.
schizotypal personality disorder
schizotypal personality disorder 
Schizotypal personality disorder can be diagnosed in early in adulthood and is likely to endure, though treatment, such as medications and therapy, can improve symptoms.

Having a family history of psychopathology is a risk factor for developing schizotypal personality disorder. People who have a close relative with schizotypal symptoms (schizotypy) can be as much as 50% more likely to develop schizotypy compared to people without that family history. If a person has a close relative with schizophrenia, they are also more likely to develop schizotypal personality disorder and to have symptoms of similar severity to their schizophrenic relative.

Some symptoms of schizotypal personality disorder

  • Excessive social anxiety.
  • Inappropriate emotional responses.
  • Unusual thinking.
  • Lack of close friends and being a loner.
  • Odd behavior or appearance

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