How to lose weight for teens


How to lose weight fast for teens. Staying fit is a big challenge for our teenage girls. Three are so many reasons for that such as stressful life, unhealthy food and some bad habits. Most of the teenage girl eat junk foods and don’t do the workout, exercise or any other physical activities. Anyone doesn’t have time for their health and exercise. I will tell you few key steps that can help young teenage girls to stay healthy, fit and active, even with their tight and busy schedules.
How to lose weight for teens
How to lose weight for teens

How to lose weight fast for teens

  • Change your mode of transportation: Instead of going on a bus for school, try walking or riding your bike. But cycling and fast walking is a great aerobic exercise. Every teenage girl should do at least 40-60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. Be safe while doing these activities. Do cycling in safe areas. 
  • Almost all teenage girls live to pressure full life. So relieve stress from your life. Fitness is an excellent way to release tension. You can do meditation and some yoga exercises to calm your mind. Yoga or Pilates will help you maintain fitness and build flexibility, all while you work away stress.

  • Add some strength training exercises or moves to your workout routine. If you don't have time to go a gym or you can't afford a gym, you can still tighten and tone muscles in your bedroom. You can do moves such as squats, pushups or crunches. If you have small dumbbells, do arm curls while you study or talk on the phone. A heavy textbook can also work as a weight. For each move, do one to three sets of 10 reps, making sure to rest between sets.

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