Skin Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Types, Pictures, Spots, Moles


Skin Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Types, Pictures, Spots, Moles. Skin cancers are the type of cancer that arises from the skin. Skin cancers develop due to the development of abnormal cells that have the ability to spread to all parts of the body. Skin cancer most often develops on skin exposed to the sun. This is the common form of cancer can also occur on areas of your skin not ordinarily exposed to sunlight.
pictures of skin cancer
pictures of skin cancer 

What are the types of skin cancer?

Mainly there are three types of skin cancer:
  1. Basal-Cell Skin Cancer
  2. Squamous-Cell Skin Cancer
  3. Melanoma Skin Cancer

#1. Basal-Cell Skin Cancer

basal cell carcinoma photos
basal cell carcinoma pictures
Basal-cell skin cancer is also known as basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Basal-cell skin cancer grows very slowly and can damage the tissue around it but is unlikely to spread to distant areas or result in death. It begins in the basal cells- a type of cell within the skin which produces new skin cells as old die off. Each year more than 45 million cases of basal cell carcinoma are diagnosed in the United States. More than one out of every three new cancers is a skin cancer, and the vast majority are BCCs.

Causes of Basal Cell Carcinoma 

The main cause of basal cell skin cancer is when one of the skin’s basal cells develops a mutation in its DNA. Basal cells produce new skin cells and they push older cells towards the surface of the skin. Old cells die and sloughed at the surface. This process of creating new cells is controlled by DNA of basal cell. But a mutation in the DNA causes a basal cell to multiply rapidly and continue growing when it would normally die. Eventually, the accumulating abnormal cells may form a cancerous tumour — the lesion that appears on the skin. There are also some risk factors that are responsible for Basal cell carcinoma skin cancer:
  • Spending lot of time in the sun can increase the risk of basal cell carcinoma skin cancer. 
  • Radiation therapy to treat acne and other problems of skin can also increase the risk of basal cell carcinoma. 
  • Exposure to arsenic can also increase the risk of basal cell carcinoma. Arsenic is a toxic metal that found in the environment.

Symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma

As we mentioned above basal cell carcinoma develops on parts of the body which are exposed to the sun. Basal cell carcinoma develops especially on your neck and head. Basal cell skin cancer less appears on the legs and trunk. It also can occur on parts of your body usually protected from the sun such as genitals or women's breasts. Some symptoms of basal cell carcinoma are given below:
  • Black, blue, brown lesion with dark spots. They have slightly raised and translucent border. 
  • Pink, pearly white or skin coloured bump on the skin. It is translucent which you can see a bit through the surface. People having darker skin tones, the lesion would be darker but still somewhat translucent. The most common type of basal cell carcinoma, this lesion often appears on the face, ears or neck. The lesion may rupture, bleed and scab over. 
  • Scaly, flat and reddish patch with a raised edge is also more common on the chest and the back symptom of basal cell carcinoma. As time passes these patches can grow and becomes quite large. 
  • A waxy, white lesion without a clear border is the least common symptom of basal cell carcinoma. This is called morpheaform basal cell carcinoma. 

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