How to make rose water


Rose Water have lots of benefits for beauty products and also you can use it in cakes and pastries. But getting pure rose water is very difficult task. So in this article, I will tell you an easy way to make rose water at home.
How to make rose water
How to make rose water

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How to make rose water

Rose water can be purchased from the market but while purchasing it try to buy pure rose water. And it is very difficult to get pure rose water from the market. So now I will tell you a simple way to make pure rose water at home. You can use it in your beauty products for skin, hair and also for cakes, pastries.

  • Take some fresh and fragrant roses and rinse them. While taking roses try to get organic and pesticide free roses. Take only one type of rose because each type of rose has its own smell, and you will not get good smell by mixing several types of roses.
  • Take one cup petals of the roses. 
  • Now boil 1 glass of water into a pan. Now boil this water.
  • Now switch off the heat and put rose petals into the boiled water and cover the pan with a lid for 20 minutes. Now open the lid and you will see water takes the colour of rose petals.
  • Now strain this rose water in a clean bottle or jar and store it in at a cold place.

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