How to remove makeup naturally at home


There are many makeup remover products are available in the market but all these contain chemicals that can harm your skin and causes pimples, dry skin. So in this article, I will tell you some best natural makeup remover.
Natural makeup remover
Natural makeup remover

How to remove makeup naturally

Top 5 natural makeup home remedy are given below. All given home remedy for makeup removal doesn't have any side effect.

#1. Baking Soda and Honey

Take some organic honey and put it on clean washed cloth. Now sprinkle some baking soda on it. Your natural makeup remover is ready.

#2. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice is also one of the best natural makeup removers. Make some cucumber juice and add few drops of baby oil in it. Now apply this mixture on your face by using a cotton ball. This is simple and easy makeup removal tip to remove makeup at home.

#3. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are also a good way to remove makeup at home. Baby wipes are very soft so you don't worry about breaking out or irritating your skin. This is very easy way to remove makeup.

#4. Castor Oil

Castor oil is also a good natural product for removing makeup. Dip a cotton ball in castor oil and apply it on your face. It's simple but one of the most effectual way to remove makeup.

#5. Tomatoes

If you want to remove foundations and creams from your face then follow this wonderful home remedy to remove makeup. Cut a tomato into halves. Now apply on your face. 

#6. Baby Oil

Baby oil is another oil that is very good for removing makeup at home. Dip a cotton ball in baby oil and wipe off the face makeup with it. Now use a wet clean cloth to get rid of oil residue left on your face.

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