Rose Water Benefits and Uses


Rose water is best for your skin and hair. One of the best things about rose water is that it can be used in any condition whether you have dry, oily or normal skin. So it is a best natural weapon for girls to make their skin younger and glowing. Always buy pure rose water from the market or you can make your own rose water at home. Here we will take a look at some uses of rose water.
Rose Water Benefits, Uses
Rose Water Benefits, Uses

Rose Water Benefits

Top 10 benefits of rose water are given below:
  • Rose water helps to maintain pH balance of your skin.
  • Rose water controls the excess oil.
  • Rose water has antibacterial properties, helps to aids in healing scars, wounds and cuts.
  • The fragrance of rose water is a very powerful mood enhancer. It also helps to get rid of the feeling of anxiety.
  • Rose water helps to reduce acne and pimples.
  • Rose water is the very effect full cleanser when used with lemon juice.
  • Rose water also help to strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissues of skin due to the antioxidant properties contained in it.
  • Rose water helps to increase complexion of the skin.
  • Rose water also helps to reduce redness of the irritated skin. 
  • Rose water also contain moisturising and nourishing properties that enhance the quality of hair. Rose water also helps to get rid of dandruff. It also works as a natural conditioner for hair.

Rose Water Uses or how to use rose water

Rose water is a best natural product for skin and hair. It can be used in the variety of ways for both hair and skin. Now you know the almost all benefits of rose water, now it's time to know the uses of rose water. Although there are the lot of ways to use rose water but here I will tell you some best ways to use rose water for both skin and hair.

#1. Rose Water as a Face Cleanser

Rose water is a natural face cleanser that can remove dust particles and any makeup from your face. Rose water also nourish your skin deeply.
  • After washing your face, mix few drops of lemon juice in 1 tbsp of pure rose water. Now apply it on your face then wipe it off. 

#2. Rose Water Use for Tired and Inflamed Eyes

If you are feeling tiredness in your eyes then rose water can give you instant freshness and relief. Soak a cotton pad in chilled pure rose water and place it on your closed eyes. It helps to get rid of redness and reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

#3. Rose Water Use for Acne

Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice in 1 tbsp of rose water. Apply it on your skin and leave for 30 minutes. Now wash with fresh water. This natural treatment is very effective to get rid of pimples and acne.

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#4. Rose Water Use to Get Fair Complexion

Mix 2 tbsp of gramme flour in rose water. Now make a smooth paste of this mixture. Now apply this face pack on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Now wash with normal water. You can also apply this paste on your arms. It is an effective and powerful natural remedy to get fair skin.

#5. Rose Water Use for Frizzy and Dry Hair

Rose water when combined with aloe vera gel it becomes a very good hair mask for getting smooth hairs. Mix equal amount of aloe vera gel and rose water in same quantity. Now apply this mixture on your scalp using cotton pads. Now massage your scalp for 10-12 minutes and leave it for 30 minutes. Now wash your hair with shampoo as usual. You can repeat this process 3-4 times in a month.

#6. Rose Water Use for Dull Hair

Rose water can also be used as a conditioner. After shampooing your hair take rose water and  final rinse your hair with rose water. It will condition your hair and make them silky and shiny. 

#7. Rose Water Use for Damaged Hair

Most of the time our hair is damaged by using several hair products. To repair your damaged hair rose water is one of the best treatment. Mix 2 capsules of Vitamin E oil, few drops of olive oil in one cup of rose water. Apply this mixture on your washed hair and style as usual. This treatment is best for damaged hair.

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