These Fitness Tips Can Change Your Life


Every morning 15-20 minutes of workout keeps you fit whole life. You can make your body fit and healthy at any stage of your life. To make this possible you have to follow some tips that will help you to maintain your fitness. Your workout should not be too heavy. Because our muscles are breakdown during the workout and they require carbohydrates and protein to recover. So include protein and carbohydrates in your diet. I saw many beginners who do a very heavy workout out of their body stamina and they got injured or have too much pain in muscles. I suggest please do workout according to your stamina.
These Fitness Tips Can Change Your Life

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Fitness Tips that Keeps You Fit for Whole Life

  • Don’t do the same exercise daily or change your exercise daily. For example, you can do chest workout on Monday, biceps on Tuesday and so on. I saw many beginners who do the workout of only one body part daily. Change your exercise daily.
  • Make your workout schedule in such a manner so in one week you cover all the workouts such as chest, biceps, triceps, thigh, back, and shoulder.
  • Before starting your workout do pushups. The right way of doing pushups is that do for 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds rest. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • For legs do squats, pushups for chest and crunches for the stomach.
  • Do weight training and full body workout to make your muscles leaner and stronger.
  • Stamina is one of the most important key factors in the workout. So to increase your stamina do jogging, running swimming or aerobics.
  • Try yoga, gymnastics, and boxing to make your body flexible.
  • The persons who want to lose weight quickly have to do 4 days weight training and one-day cardio exercises.
  • Some persons consume very heavy diet but they don’t see any result in their body. Such persons have to do three days weight training and 2 days cardio exercise to gain weight.
  • Diet is very important for our body. As I told you our muscles break during the workout, so take proper diet to recover muscles. Include protein and carbohydrates in your diet. 
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