These Habits Can Damage Your Kidney


We all do some mistakes in our daily life that leave the bad impact on our kidneys.  So to make your kidneys healthy, you have to leave these habits.

These Habits Can Damage Your Kidney
These Habits Can Damage Your Kidney

These Habits Can Damage Your Kidney

  1. Drink less or too much water: Drink 8-10 glass of water daily. If you drink less than 8 glass than toxins makes the bad impact on your body. Similarly, if you drink more water than it increases the pressure on your kidneys.
  2. Eating too much salt: Eating food that contains salt in excess amount can damage kidneys. Salt contains sodium that can increase your blood pressure.
  3. Over Eating: Overeating is also a bad habit that can damage your kidneys.
  4. Eating Medicines: Medicines for minor problems have a bad effect on the kidneys. So do not eat medicines for small diseases.
  5. Smoking: Chew tobacco and doing smoking makes the toxins to be accumulated in the body, which affect the kidneys.
  6. Drinking Excessive Alcohol: Drinking alcohol occasionally is fine, but excessive drinking can cause significant damage to your kidneys. Alcohol is a toxin that puts a lot of stress on your kidneys and liver. When you drink alcoholic beverages in high amounts, it causes uric acid to be deposited in renal tubules, leading to tubular obstruction. This, in turn, increases the risk of kidney failure. Moreover, alcohol causes dehydration and disrupts the normal functioning of the kidneys.

Top 9 Common Habits that Damage Your Kidneys 

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