5 Tips to Stop Getting Sick and Heal Faster


Our human body is designed in such a way that it can heal itself own. It is possible by the presence of an intelligent system called immunity. It has the ability to fight and control all disease – from fighting cold to dealing the last stage of cancer. So in this article, I will give you some tips to improve your immunity and healing power of your body.
8 Tips to Stop Getting Sick and Heal Faster
8 Tips to Stop Getting Sick and Heal Faster

1. Drink Chamomile Tea and Green Tea

Green tea and chamomile tea both are the best options to fortify your immunity level. Both of these are full of antioxidants. They enhance the level of immunity and help in the speedy recovery from illness. But you have to use only whole leaf tea- either brewed fresh or packed in a pyramid bag (where you can see the whole leaves) not the sub-standard envelope bags that contain tea dust and a whole load of pesticides.

2. Light Exercises

If you don’t like heavy workouts then it’s great to perform exercises that don't exert too much pressure on your body. These can include getting out breathing fresh air, walking, and yoga exercises.

3. Avoid Greasy and Processed Foods

If you want a lean body then you should stay away from fatty and unhealthy foods. All the processed and greasy foods make you unhealthy.

4. Get Plenty of Rest

The most important effect towards achieving a good health and immunity is to get plenty of sleep. Sleeping at a cellular level ensures the great level of immunity.

5. Focus on Vitamin D

As we know minerals have always been related to strengthening bones but apart from this, they have lots of health benefits. According to recent report teenagers, adults and children, all suffer from low levels of vitamin D.  A good vitamin D level is a pre-cursor to tough immunity. One of the best sources for vitamin D is the morning sun. When the UVB rays from mid-day sun hit your skin, it causes a reaction with the oils present in your skin to generate vitamin D, which is gradually immersed in your body. Vitamin D is the most effective thing to heal diabetes.

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