7 Home Remedies For Cough


Cough is a very common health problem. If you are suffering from cold then all the given home remedies for cough can give you instant relief from cough. All the given remedies are simple and effective without any side-effects.
7 Home Remedies For Cough
7 Home Remedies For Cough

Home Remedies For Cough

All the home remedies for cough are given below:

1. Ginger

Ginger is the best home remedies for cough. It gives instant relieve from a cough.
  • Take fresh ginger and cut it into small slices. Now crush them slightly. Put them in a cup of water and bring to a boil. Drink this herbal solution three to four times a day for relief from a sore throat, non-stop coughing and even congestion. You can also some lemon juice and honey to it.
  • Another option is to chew fresh raw ginger on and off throughout the day to reduce your cough.

2. Garlic

Garlic has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are beneficial to treat coughs.
  • Boil two to three cloves of garlic in a cup of water and add a teaspoon of oregano. Allow it to cool to room temperature, add some honey and drink it. This will help your breathing and alleviate other cough symptoms. 
  • Eat a clove of crushed garlic mixed with a few drops of clove oil and some honey for sore throat relief. You can also use garlic in your cooking.
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3. Onions

Onions are the best and simplest home remedies for a cough. Cut onions and breathing in the strong vapors can help stop coughing.
  • You can also make a cough syrup from baked onion juice, comfrey tea, and honey. Drink it daily to get relief from a dry cough. 
  • Another option is to combine 2 teaspoons of onion juice with one teaspoon of pure honey. Swallow this solution at least twice a day to alleviate a cough and soothe your throat.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is also the simple and most effective home remedies for cough.
  • Boil ½ cup of water in a boiling pot. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, and 1 teaspoon black pepper in it. If you like you can also add cinnamon sticks. Boil this for about 3-4 minutes. Now add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink this daily until the condition improves. 
  • Alternatively, make an herbal tea by adding one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of carom seeds to a cup of water, and boil it until water reduces to one-half cup. Add some honey and drink this herbal solution two to three times a day. 
  • Another way to use turmeric is to roast turmeric root and grind it into a smooth powder. Mix it with water and honey, and drink it twice a day.

5. Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root is both an expectorant and demulcent, simultaneously soothing your airways while loosening and thinning mucus, easing congestion. It can also ease any inflammation that may be irritating your throat.
  • Boil ounces of water and now place the 2 tablespoons of dried licorice root in a mug. Cover with water and steep for 10-15 minutes. Drink the entire cup up to 2 times daily.

6. Cayenne

Cayenne also helps to reduce the chest pain due to continuous coughing. It is also warming and stimulating.
  • Make a healthy cough syrup by mixing one-fourth teaspoon cayenne pepper, one-fourth teaspoon ground ginger, one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of water. 
  • Drink the syrup two to three times a day.

7. Gargle Salt Water

It is also a popular remedy for sore throats, salt water can ease the discomfort caused by a cough the same way it helps a sore throat through osmosis. When the concentration of salt is higher outside of the cells in your mucous membranes, water flows out of the cells to balance everything out. When water leaves the cells, swelling goes down, and discomfort is decreased. If you have a cough that happens to come along with inflamed tissue, this is a good route to take. It can also help dislodge any phlegm that’s hanging out and allow you to expel it easily.
  • Stir 1 teaspoon of salt into 8 ounces of water until it is thoroughly dissolved. 
  • Now heat it to make lukewarm. 
  • Gargle for 15 seconds, spit and repeat with the remaining water. Rinse with plain water afterward.
All the above home remedies for cough can give you relief without the side effects. In case, you have continues cough problem for more than two weeks, then please consult your doctor. Thank you so much for reading this article. If you have any query you can ask in the comment section. 

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