How to Test Your Skin Undertone?


In this article, I will tell you how to check your skin undertone so you can choose foundation according to your skin tone. Sometimes when you bought foundation, make you look ashen or orange after application because you probably have not bought the right match for your skin undertone. Undertones are not to be confused with your complexion. Your complexion – dark, tan, olive, fair, etc. is the surface color of your skin.
But undertones are the color visible beneath the surface of the skin and they can be neutral, cool or warm. Different people have different undertone so two people with the same whitish complexion can have two different skin undertones. Choosing the right color foundation or even clothes can make your personality. So here we will know three quick tests to determine the skin’s undertone.
How to Test Your Skin Undertone
How to Test Your Skin Undertone?

1. Foundation Test

While trying on a foundation swatch, make a note of how the foundations with pink or yellow undertones look on your skin. If you are neutral, either the pink or the yellow will look good. Warm undertones bloom with foundations that have hints of yellow, while cool skin tones look good with pink undertones.

2. Metal Test

Stand in front of the mirror, wearing a white bathrobe and wrap your head in a white towel. Hold silver jewelry up against your face and see if it flatters your skin. If it does, you have a cool undertone. With the same bathrobe and towel, if gold jewellery flatters you, you have a warm skin undertone. If you are of a neutral undertone, you will look good in both.

3. Vein Test

Look at the veins that are visible under your skin. Some people have bluish-purple veins and that means they have a cool undertone. People with green veins have warm undertones. If you have bluish-green veins, it means you have a neutral undertone.

Knowing your skin undertone will make it easier for you to choose the right colors of makeup and clothes. While colors like black and white flatter all, earth tones – orange, yellow, gold, olive, brown etc., look great on people with warm undertones. Jewel tones – emerald, sapphire, magenta etc., are excellent for people with cool undertones. People with a neutral undertone can choose both these color families.

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