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Mukesh Singh Gahlot is known as Guru Ji in India. He was born on 1971. Mukesh Gahlot represents the India in many international competitions and won many medals for India. Mukesh Gahlot won the Mr. India championship 4 times (in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012) and makes the national record.

Recently September 2017 in Las Vegas Mukesh Singh Gahlot won the Mr. Olympia Powerlifting Championship in 110 categories. By winning this title he becomes the first man who won this title for his country. 

Mr. India Mukesh Gahlot
Mr. India Mukesh Gahlot

Personal Life of Mukesh Sing Gahlot

Mukesh Gahlot is a mechanical engineer by education and also a legendary Indian bodybuilder. He was inspired to take up bodybuilding by his friends and his family who themselves had a sports background. With minimal funds and poor training facilities for Bodybuilding in India, his family made sure he obtained the necessary dietary supplements and financial support.

When he was 26 years old, he came under the guidance of Droncharya Awardee Shri Bhupender Dhawan. After that Mukesh Won Gold Medal in Delhi University Championship in 1997 and never looked back. He participated in many international and national competitions and brought glory to the nation. Few of them worth mention are silver medal in Asian Bodybuilding Championship held in Guangzhou, China, September 2012, among top 10 at World Championship 2006, among top 10 at Junior World Body Building Championship held in Spain 1998, silver medal in the Senior National Inter-State Championship 1998 and won many medals at state and national level. 

Achievements of Mukesh Sing Gahlot

Mukesh Gahlot
Mukesh Gahlot
  • 1998 - Junior World Bodybuilding Championship - Top 10
  • 1998 - Senior National Inter-State Championship - 2nd Place
  • 1998 - All India University Championship - Silver Medal
  • 2000 - All India University Championship - Gold Medal
  • 2004 - All India Railway Championship - Gold Medal
  • 2006 - World Championship - Top 10
  • 2010 - Mr. India
  • 2009 - Mr. India
  • 2008 - Mr. India
  • 2012 - British Open-Power lifting Championship - Two gold medals
  • 2012 - Asian Bodybuilding Championship - Silver Medal
  • 2012 - Mr. India
  • 2013 - World Powerlifting Championship – Gold Medal
  • 2014 - European Powerlifting Championship - Two golds and one silver medals
  • 2016 - Senior Asian Bodybuilding Championship - 8th Place
  • 2016 - World Powerlifting Championship England- Gold Medal
  • 2017- Mr. Olympia in Powerlifting

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