Top 7 Hairstyles for Long Hair


Overall personality of girls depends on the hairstyle. Hairstyles can make a lot of difference,  be a cute chignon or a classy ponytail, there's a lot to flaunt and experiment every day. And if you have long hair, then we have the easiest DIY hairstyles for you. Here's a list of 15 gorgeous hairstyles, which can be done under 5 minutes. From lazy girl's top knot to some serious branding, here are the easiest hairstyles for the girls who have long hair.

Top 7 Hairstyles for Long Hair
Top 7 Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Side ponytail

It is the version of the basic ponytail is the side ponytail. This 80's style works best with soft curls and hair wrapped around the base. To achieve retro curls, tie a side pony and start curling the ends and top it off with a setting spray.

2. Side-parted open hair

A polished side parting can make all the difference and there's no need to hit the salon for this hairdo. Use a tail comb and make a deep side part and tuck the other side behind the ear. Sprits some shining spray to make it look sleek and posh.

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3. Beach waves

This effortless style doesn't require much time. For undone beach waves, use a curling iron and random sections of hair. For a messier version, spray some texturizer and scrunch your hair for the effortless waves.

4. Baby braids

When it comes to braiding, long hair can be time-consuming. For an easy braid hairstyle, go for peek-a-boo tiny braids at the front and back.

5. The faux fringe

If getting a fringe is your biggest beauty dilemma, then we have a solution for you. For a commitment free hairstyle, try clip-in bangs, from braided hairstyle to top knot, the temporary bangs will give you a major hair makeover in no time.

6. Half up half down bun

Lazy girls rejoice, here's one hairstyle for you. This cute hairdo can be your bad hair days savior and it works with any hair length. To copy this style, separate the top half and make a ponytail. Twist this ponytail into a bun, securing with bobby pins.

7. The braided low bun

Be it a sari or a sexy backless dress, this hairstyle will go with anything. All you need to do is pull hair into a low ponytail and then loosely braid it. Once you have secured the braid, wrap the braided pony around the base to make a bun. Make sure you tuck in all the loose ends and set it off with a setting spray.

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