Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tips


Arnold Schwarzenegger does not require any introduction. Everyone knows him for the best bodybuilder. He is the inspiration for millions of bodybuilders and professionals worldwide. Arnold is the legend of bodybuilding. So every bodybuilder learns something from Arnold.

Today our youths are inspired from bodybuilding but only a few of them got success to make a good physique. So I will tell you some secrets of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold said many things which can be beneficial for bodybuilders. Arnold is a true legend he wrote many articles from fitness tips to bodybuilding secrets, to competition strategies.

So I will gather some useful secrets of Arnold Schwarzenegger from magazines, articles and other resources. All these tips by Arnold might help you to transform you into a beast.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tips
Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Tips

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Secrets

Now, you are at the important section of this article. Here we know the secrets of Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding. 

1. Prioritize your weak areas

Everyone wants to show off the best body parts that are in shape. You also like to show off your pumped-up biceps, ripped triceps, and crunchy six-packs abs.  But no one wants to show off the body parts which are not in shape.  And it’s true; my legs are not so strong so I always wear lowers in the gym. But Arnold is opposite of us. He believes in focusing on his weak points as they constantly remind him of his priorities. Like, if his calves are not in the target shape or muscle built, he would prefer wearing shorts to remind him about training that body part more frequently than usual.

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2. Do higher reps for certain exercises

It is normal everyone has some favorite exercises and we do these exercises with lots of concentration but still, there are certain exercises that need to be done more reps and lighter weights. For example, if you want to make your biceps more ripped and muscular than you might want to vary your bicep exercises with different weights and reps. Some type of bicep exercises might require higher reps with lighter weights and while others might be done with heavier weights and fewer reps.

3. Don’t quit at failure

We face lots of moments where we failed in our bodybuilding goal. Most of the people quit at this time. Rather, it would have been better than if you would not have started the training itself. Doing work out is undoubtedly going to tire you and put your patience and stamina to test. And many times you might not be able to achieve your targets. But, that's not a surprise; it's a known fact. Arnold had a clear-cut theory - "Don't quit at failure". There will be many situations where people laugh on you because you failed to achieve your bodybuilding target. But you should ignore everyone and focus again on your goals.

4. Build your strength to gain muscle size

At early career, Arnold was a professional powerlifter. According to his experience, he said it is very necessary to increase your stamina to gain size. According to Arnold strength is a very useful element in the bodybuilding when you want to gain size. Once upon a time, Arnold do 60 reps of bench press and the weight is 225 pounds. So Arnold says “Use of strength to boost your weightlifting is an ideal way to shift to bodybuilding in the next session”. 

5. Avoid over exercises

Don’t do exercise in excess because the excess of everything is bad for us. The weight you lift and the number of reps to do are dependent on the stamina. So never try to life weight over your stamina. Most of the beginners try to do excess workouts in the gym because they think excess workout will make his body faster. But they are wrong some time they got injured.  Also, train your every part of the body because it is not right you always train your biceps, triceps or chest etc. Over-training on a particular part be might actually be counterproductive sometimes because when you keep on training that part without required rest, you are actually not giving it a chance to grow. Thus, by doing this you miss your bodybuilding goal instead of achieving it. 

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