Effective Ways to Make Hair Longer Fast


Make Hair Longer Fast: There is no shortcut to growing luscious hair faster. But there are several herbs that can make hair longer fast. Generally, on an average, a half inch of hair grows in a month. There are several factors that can affect your hair growth rate. But you can encourage your hair growth through healthy and proper diet. In this article, I will tell you some ways and herbs may help you to make hair longer fast.

Make Hair Longer Fast
Make Hair Longer Fast

Effective Ways to Make Hair Longer Fast

Looking for ways to make hair longer fast? Here is the list of various ways and tips that will make your hair longer.

1. Don’t Comb Too Much

Yes, if you want to make your hair grow faster and longer then don’t comb too much. Excess combing and brushing can greatly damage your hairs. Comb it only when it is really necessary and not often. Even when you comb, make use of a clean wide-toothed comb. Make sure that you don’t pull or tangle your hairs vigorously. Just comb twice a day – one in the morning & other at night.

2. Clean your Hairs Properly

So, what actually makes your hair grow faster and longer? This tip is something you must make a note of. Regular cleansing ensures that there isn’t any dirt on your scalp. You might be aware of the fact that dirt is the main reason for hair fall. However, don’t shampoo much. Just do your shampooing and conditioning 3 to 4 times a week. On the other hand, use a shampoo and conditioner that has fewer chemicals.

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3. Avoid Excess Styling

Apart from excess combing, even excess styling can easily break your hairs. Those high tight ponytails, fish braids, pleats, cornrows are sure going to make you look gorgeous but ask yourself – are you not damaging your hairs? These styles will, of course, need tight pulling & pinning, which in turn damages hair roots and makes your tresses fall. So, if you are someone who is doing a lot of styling then stop it. Wear an ordinary and loose hairstyle every day.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Yet another great remedy in making your hairs grows longer and faster is to drink lots of water. As said earlier, not being hydrated is one of the major causes for hair fall. So, just make it a routine to drink 3 to 4 liters water every day. This plays a vital role in promoting hair growth. On the other side, it chucks out all those unwanted toxins from your body and keeps you 100% hydrated.

5. Oil Massage

An oil massage greatly helps in enhancing blood circulation around the scalp. When there is a proper blood flow, it promotes hair growth. In fact, this is the best tip to make your hairs grow longer. To massage your scalp, use hot oil treatment. Consider heating olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil and have a nice head massage with it. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes at least. Shampoo it. This is sure to work! In fact, you will see a great difference. When you practice this frequently, you will have longer, thicker and softer hairs.

6. Trim Your Hairs After 6-8 Weeks

Do you want to know the real secret behind how to make your hair grow faster and longer? Just read this. When you are growing your hairs long, obviously your ends look odd. They might have split ends & often look dried. So make it a routine to trim those lower ends after 6 to 8 weeks, which will not only help it look nice but also promotes better hair growth.

7. Proteins

For those longer-looking tresses, you certainly require doing this tip every single day. Apart from caring your hairs externally, internal care is also important. You can accomplish this by consuming a lot of protein-rich foods. This not only promotes faster hair growth but also makes sure that you have healthier-looking hairs. Eating a lot of junks? Stop it right away and switch over to healthy natural foods.

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