Incline Bench Press Benefits and Steps


The most commonly uttered phrases among men in the gym are “How to do bench press”? The bench press is one of the most important workouts for the chest. But always training your chest on the flat bench alone can leave your overall strength and physique a little lacking. Regardless of whether you are trying to get a bigger chest, a stronger chest, or both, doing the incline bench will help you reach your goals faster.
Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press Steps

Steps to do incline bench press is given below:
  • Load the weight to the bar for your training. 
  • Lay on the bench with your feet flat on the ground, driving through to your hips. Your back should be arched, and your shoulder blades retracted. 
  • Take a medium, pronated grip covering the rings on the bar. Remove the bar from the rack, holding the weight above your chest with your arms extended. This will be your starting position. 
  • Lower the bar to the sternum by flexing the elbows. Maintain control and do not bounce the bar off of your chest. Your lats should stay tight and elbows slightly are drawn in. 
  • After touching your torso with the bar, extend the elbows to return the bar to the starting position.

Incline Bench Press Benefits

  • Improve overall strength.
  • Activate the shoulders.
  • Improve the size of your chest.
  • Activates the muscles of the upper chest.

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