Facts and Benefits About Fitness Trackers


Fitness trackers become the popular accessories for fitness freaks. In our busy schedule, the physical activities are invisible. So it is necessary that we make use of technology to track our daily physical activities. Have you seen people wearing a band on their wrist and are curious to know what that is? It is a fitness tracker, also known as an activity tracker. It has gained a lot of popularity in the west and is slowly making its presence felt in India as well.

In this article, I will tell you the all that you wanted to know about fitness trackers, their effectiveness, and facts & benefits of fitness trackers.

What are fitness trackers?

A fitness tracker can be a device or an application of mobile that tracks the daily physical activity level of a person. It is usually used to monitors fitness-related parameters like:
  • Number of calories burn by you
  • Effectiveness of sleep
  • Heart rate monitoring

How Does A Fitness Tracker Work?

In simple terms, it can be put that fitness trackers work by measuring motion. Most of the wearable activity trackers come with a 3-axis accelerometer to track movement in every direction. Some of them also have a gyroscope too to measure orientation and rotation. You can also find an altimeter feature in some of the wearable fitness trackers. This helps in tracking your level of activity when working out on a height or if you’ve climbed a fleet of stairs.
The data that is collected is then converted into steps and activity. The next step involves converting this data into calories burnt and quality of sleep. The sensors measure acceleration, duration, frequency, and intensity patterns of your movement.

Some of the characteristic features of the most popular fitness trackers are mentioned below.

  • Jawbone UP3: This is one of the most sensor packed trackers. It has a temperature sensor and a bioimpedance sensor along with the regular motion sensors. Bioimpedance sensors are used to check your skin’s resistance to a tiny amount of electric current.
  • Fitbit Charge 2: Fitbit Charge 2 uses an optical sensor to shine a light onto the skin and measures the pulse through it. The light illuminates the capillaries, then a sensor measures the rate at which blood is being pumped. The same holds true for sleep tracking using a process called actigraphy. Your tracker translates the wrist movements into sleep patterns.

Benefits Of Fitness Trackers

Here is the list of various benefits of fitness trackers:

  • Heart-rate Monitoring: Whether you’re doing a mild workout or strength training, it is important to keep a tab on your heart rate. A fitness tracker is the best way to track your heart rate. You can easily find out how high the heart rate goes during vigorous workout sessions. It also indicates the drop in heart rate after the exercise. 
  • The Fitness Vision: A lot of people who wear fitness bands or activity trackers say that it is indeed a great platform for envisioning fitness in the long run. You’ll be able to see the results which will motivate you to keep going. The only person you’re competing with is you. So every day you strive to be a better version of yourself. 
  • Push Of Motivation: Most fitness trackers are associated with a website application that tracks your activity level, calories burned, hours of sleep, and heart rate. This feedback can be taken positively and you can use it as a motivation to exercise for a healthy mind and body. 
  • Sleep Monitoring: If you’re someone who has problems falling asleep or have an irregular sleep pattern, then a fitness tracker can definitely help you. Getting sound sleep is essential for your overall health. Various activity trackers have the feature of monitoring your sleep pattern. You can also find out how many hours you slept and for how much time were you restless before actually going to sleep. Once you’ve worn the band for a couple of weeks when going to sleep, it’ll be able to review your data and make appropriate recommendations about the best sleeping time. 
  • Customized Fitness Tracking: For a lot of people going to the gym is an intimidating process. But with a fitness tracker, you can workout anywhere. Whether you decide to go cycling, go for a jog, do an hour long yoga session at home or go swimming, your loyal fitness tracker will provide customized tracking. 
  • Behavioral Changes: An increasing number of people have shared that wearing a fitness tracker helps them have improved activity levels. Some other positive behavioral changes that are possible with the feedback of your fitness tracker include improved sleep patterns and healthier eating. 
  • Monitoring Weigh Loss: Weight loss isn’t only about workouts. It is a complete process that involves healthy diet, the right amount of exercise, and proper sleeping pattern. A lot of times people complain that they are working out, yet they cannot lose weight. With a fitness tracker, you can keep a complete record of your calories burned, heart rate, and other stats. Thus, it is easier to monitor the weight loss journey.

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