Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face


Dark spots on face can be removed easily by several natural home remedies. The remedies we will tell you will remove the dark spots as well as they increase the complexion of skin. There are several factors which cause the condition of dark spots such as hormone imbalance, over exposure to the sun, certain medications, pregnancy, and lack of sleep, stress and vitamin deficiencies.

You don’t need to worry about the dark spots. Here is the list of several effective home remedies for dark spots on face.

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face
Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face

1. Potato

Potato has natural bleaching properties that can help to fade spots, scars as well as blemishes. The starch in potato helps reduce pigmentation, while the enzymes in it promote healthy skin.
  • Slice up a potato and place the slice directly on the dark spots. Leave it on for a few minutes. Now wash your face with lukewarm water. 
  • Or, extract the juice from a potato. Now add little lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply this mixture on dark spots. Allow it to dry and rinse it off.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon is available in almost every kitchen. Lemon juice contains vitamin C that can help to lighten the dark spots on your face. Let’s see how to use lemon juice for dark spots:
  • Extract some fresh lemon juice. 
  • Dip a cotton ball in it. Now rub it on affected area. 
  • Leave it to make it dry. 
  • Now wash it with normal water. 
  • Repeat this process for two weeks to get rid of dark spots.
Note: If your skin is sensitive and dry don't try this home remedy.

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3. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is the best home remedy for dark spots. Aloe Vera has many healing properties and is a great natural dark spot corrector. Its gel has polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of new skin cells to help reduce dark spots and heal scars. Let’s see how to use Aloe Vera for dark spots:
  • Extract Aloe Vera gel from Aloe leaf. 
  • Now apply this gel directly on dark spots. 
  • Massage the area with your fingertips for a few minutes. 
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your face. 
  • Repeat this 1 times a day for a few weeks to get affected results.
Note: If you face difficulty in removing the gel, use a clean cloth soaked in warm water to remove the mask.

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is also a good treatment for dark spots on face. It helps to fade blemishes and black spots without causing the burning sensation. Let’s see how to use buttermilk to get rid dark spots:
  • Take 2 teaspoons of tomato juice and 4 teaspoons of buttermilk. 
  • Mix both ingredients properly. 
  • Now apply this mixture on dark spots and leave it for 15 minutes. 
  • Now wash it with water. 
  • Repeat this procedure daily for a few weeks to get effective results.
If you do not have butter milk- soak a cotton ball in milk and dab it directly on your spots. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is the queen of Indian Spices. It found in every Indian kitchen. Apart from this, it is the popular skin-lightening agent that can be used to get rid of dark spots on your face. It also repairs free radical damage and reduces skin pigmentation and discoloration. Let’s see how to use turmeric for dark spots on face:
  • Take 2 teaspoons of turmeric. 
  • Now mix a little milk and lemon juice in turmeric to make a thick paste. 
  • Apply this mixture on dark spots. 
  • Leave it on for few minutes.
  • Now wash with lukewarm water.

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