Why Should You Drink Banana Shake Daily?


Banana is the rich source of energy and many nutrients. It keeps you filled for a long time. Banana contains vitamin A, carbohydrates, phosphorous and iron. So the banana is considered as the superfood. One of the best things about this fruit is that it’s available throughout the year because banana is not a seasonal fruit. Banana is the best fruit for getting quick energy. So in this article, I’ll tell you some health benefits of drinking banana shake daily.
Why You Should Drink Banana Shake Daily
Why You Should Drink Banana Shake Daily?

Bones and Teeth

Potassium contained in banana reduces hypertension as well as protects our teeth and bones from weakening. It also minimizes the almost all ill-impacts of sodium and helps to retain the concentration of calcium that is needed for the free flow of blood, proper muscle contraction and smooth nervous function.

Manganese is also available in the banana can promote bone health and metabolism. Calcium in banana prevents thinning of bones. To develop better and strong bones, children may be given banana.

Weight Gain

Banana is the first choice of fitness freaks. 100 grams of banana provides you 90k calories and also fills your stomach. The fibers present in the banana are soluble in nature which can absorb water and decreases the speed of digestion thereby makes you fill full.

Bananas are also good for underweight people. Banana is consisted of sugars like sucrose and fructose which provides instant energy. When the banana is taken along with milk, it helps to improve weight gain because milk gives protein while banana provides sugar.

Banana Makes your Mood Good

Banana is the best mood elevator because it contains serotonin. Changes in the level of glucose in the body are responsible for mood swing, banana, which is having enough quantity of vitamin B6 show soothing effects in the mood. Banana fights depression and mood booster due to chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. These bio-chemicals along with tryptophan help to lift one’s spirit. Nerve cells stimulation is also caused by banana and good for your mood enhancement. Being a natural enhancer of mood, it is also beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Banana is good for instant energy

Banana is the storehouse of vitamins and minerals so it becomes a good source of energy. It’s good to drink a banana shake instead of taking coffee or tea. Banana shake is good for all people. A ripped banana comprises fructose, sucrose, fiber, and glucose thus made it a natural source of energy.

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