You Should Know These Negative Effects of Social Media on Health


Nowadays social media is the best place to spent a good time, market your products, connect with friends and family, and know about your favorite celebrities, sharing your data (images, videos, and music). All these things are good but excessive of anything is very harmful to our body. For example- watching TV is a good way to enjoy your holiday but if you watch TV excessively in the daily routine then it’ll harmful for your mental and eyes health. Similarly, excessive use of social media has the bad impact on our health.

So ladies and gentleman today I’ll share with you negative effects of social media.

negative effects of social media
Negative effects of social media


Social media has been removed the face-to-face communication from our lives. So an individual tried to express their feelings, emotions through typing. Many social media users express their reality of their lives by posting things like status etc.
I’m not saying that social media is not necessary but it decreases the direct communication between people. You can’t express yourself nor share your happiness through social media. Slowly-slowly it makes the effect on your mind which decreases your self-confidence and thus forces you in the state of depression. Remember we are human beings and the joy of our life is in meeting with our friends and family nor posting our moments to social media.

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A study held at the University of Maryland, have shown that excessive use of social media can lead to addiction. Many people spent their time on social media websites that in turn affect the way they live their lives. Now people only find happiness only in more notifications, likes, and shares on whatever they share.
As technology is growing people are moving towards social media websites to communicate with friends, playing games, reading news and sharing their lives moments. All these things make them habitual of social media websites. The actual happiness of life is in real things so make technology as part of life but don’t make technology as a life. So, ladies and gentleman, our life is short- make real moments with your loved ones, not on social media.


The use of social media websites and applications for communicating with each other decreases the direct communication and hangouts. Social media make communication effortless but people have isolated themselves behind online identities.
Direct communication has been extracted from our lives. In real life, we use facial expression, body language, voice tone to express our feelings. But think once Do you use these things on social media while talking?

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Less Physical Interaction with Others

Involvement of social media in our lives decreases the involvement of physical activities. You know you are missing the sound of laughter, the sight of smiling, feel of touch and emotions. The enjoyment of conversation lies between all above things.
Go for a coffee with your friend that involve all activities like laughing, touching, and also enjoyment. And when you go outside d face-to-face conversation you see the external world meeting with new people that make our mind free. Apart from this think you talk on social media websites on lying on your bed by sending emoji.

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