How to Be 100% Positive and Focused in 2019


The life of everyone is not so long. We have limited time to achieve our goals and live happily in this world. We’re growing, our loved one also growing with us and someday everyone has to go from this world. It is necessary to enjoy life with our family, friends and loved ones. Many people spent their lives in negative thoughts.

A life with a positive attitude is like a flowerpot filled with fresh rose flowers and a life with negative thoughts is like a bunch of prongs. Our mind always focuses on negative side rather than positive. Ladies and gentleman in this article, I’ll share some tips that will help you to see everything in your life in a positive way and fill your life with joy and happiness.

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Best Ways to Turn Your Negative Thoughts into Positive
Best Ways to Turn Your Negative Thoughts into Positive

Best Ways to Turn Your Negative Thoughts into Positive

  • When negative thoughts come to your mind “Inhale deeply, hold and then exhale softly.” Try that no sound comes out when you breathe. It automatically calms your mind and fills you with some sweet positive energy. 
  • Don’t sit at one place while suffering from negative thoughts. Go for a walk in parks, mall or temples. Move outdoors and get some sun. 
  • Creating something out of your own creativity is always feels you with positive energy. Cook, draw, write, paint, dance or create anything under the sun. 
  • Write all the negative thoughts which come to your mind. It will be as good as dispelled. Writing is very curative in nature.
  • Change your focus away from you and try to do something good for other people. You can give clothes to persons who need them. It took your mind off of things and you feel so good.
  • When negative thoughts are coming to your mind than go to shopping mall. It'll change your mind and feel you with positive energy.
  • Do you know? When negative thoughts come to your mind than close your eyes and feel your breaths. Try to hear your heartbeats. Beleive me it works like a miracle.

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