How to Lose Weight for 2018 New Year


2018 is coming very soon. The people of US are waiting for New Year 2018 very curiously. Many youths in the US are affected by obesity and 90% of them will take a pledge to lose their weight. But if we start from today and make efforts to overcome the problem of weight then it’s not difficult task.

Today we’ll talk about how fat generates in the body? What is the secret to losing fat? And some other things that may help you to get rid of weight loss in 2018.

How to Lose Weight for 2018 New Year
How to Lose Weight for 2018 New Year

Creation of Fat

Rewind few thousand years ago when there was not an option to store food- no freezers, pickling, and refrigerators. The ancient people hunt the animals or plug fruits and vegetables and eat them freshly. If they don’t consume them the food got spoilt. During that time, storing food and energy for later use was a big deal.

For humans and animals, only a certain amount of energy can be stored in our body just like our devices has battery we charge them and use their functionalities until they got discharged. Similarly, we eat to charge up and then go about our day until we are low on energy and our functionality is affected. And then we need to charge up again to get back to normal functioning.

Our bodies convert the food we eat into energy just like petrol is converted into energy for cars and bikes. So after eating food, our body converts it into energy and remaining is stored as fats for later use. So this fat is stored in adipocytes fat cells. Each of us has the certain number of fat cells where the fat is stored for later use. If we don’t have food at any time our body converts body fat into energy that enables you to do several activities.

Secret to Lose Weight

Now you know our food is converted into energy and excess is stored as fat for later use. If your body needs 20 calories per day and you eat only 15 calories a day then remaining need of 5 is completed by your fat. This will result in weight loss. Another side, if you eat 24 calories than 20 is used by your body and 4 stored as fat for later use. It’ll result in weight gain. So try to lose more calories. It’s the simple weight loss fundamental you can try in New Year 2018.

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