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Bollywood Actors Gym Trainers | Hrithik Roshan Gym trainer | Aamir Khan Gym Trainer: Nowadays everyone tries to make his body perfect. Normal people take a lot of time to transform their body. But Bollywood actors transform their bodies in few couples of weeks. You know it’s all about the diet and coaching that provided to them by their trainers. They do workout under their trainer’s surveillance and eat the proper diet. So, in this article, I’ll reveal the trainers of famous Bollywood actors.

Hrithik Roshan Body
Hrithik Roshan Body

Hrithik Roshan Gym Trainer - Hrithik Roshan Body

Hrithik Roshan is one of the popular muscular actors in Bollywood. Hrithik always loves fitness but for a movies "Gujarish" he increased his weight. Now it's the big challenge for him to transform his body. Hrithik did training under 'Kris Gethin'. He is the natural pro bodybuilder and one of the popular fitness trainer in the world.

Hrithik Roshan Gym Trainer
Hrithik Roshan Gym Trainer

 Aamir Khan Gym Trainer - Amir Khan Body

As you know in Dangal movie Amir Khan gain lots of extra weight for his role of an old wrestler. But in next part of the movie, he was looking stunning. Amir Khan did his workout under his trainer named "Rakesh Udiyar ".

John Abraham and Hrithik trainer is same. Jhon also builds the big muscles for his movie force. Today bodybuilding becomes the most popular sports among youths. If you want to ask something about this article or give suggestion please leave a message in the comment box.

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