The Rise in Popularity of Gymshark in the Yoga Studio


Established in 2012, leading gym clothing brand, Gymshark, has soared in popularity over the last decade. Initially selling a range of nutritional supplements, college dropout founders, Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan, realised that there wasn’t actually much gym gear on the market that they and their friends enjoyed wearing. With this epiphany, Gymshark introduced a range of contemporary athletic apparel. Described as the freshest styles for the changing seasons, designed for both performance and leisure, Gymshark is an innovative company that’s taking the UK by storm.

The Rise in Popularity of Gymshark in the Yoga Studio
The Rise in Popularity of Gymshark in the Yoga Studio

As one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, Gymshark can be found in retail stores, gyms, and even yoga studios. In more recent years, the brand has grown significantly in popularity with those who enjoy Yoga with more and more people turning Gymshark to hit the studio.

Why Are Yogis Turning to the Gymshark Brand?

Fitness, brands, and logos come and go all the time but UK clothing firm, GymShark, seem to be taking the Yoga community by storm. But why exactly are yogis becoming more loyal to the brand? Well, the entire range is designed to accentuate the wearer’s shape. This is clear in the shirts as they are tapered and more fitted around the middle than an average gym or workout top.

The t-shirts are made to be longer than a normal-length tee which have been designed to encourage elite performance, no matter what sport is being enjoyed. With all of this in mind, if you have a body that you’re proud of and like to show off, it’s the right clothing line for you.

Be A Visionary

With a compelling tagline such as ‘Be a Visionary’, it’s no doubt that the innovative company has such a wide range of key pieces. The significant selection of gym clothes for men and women include vests, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, base layers, shorts, and leggings. All of these pieces are well-suited to the clothing requirements of someone who loves yoga, which is maybe why the brand’s popularity continues to rise in that area.

The Gymshark brand believes that when it comes to design and exercise, simplicity is key. This especially rings true when it comes to Yoga. Due to the flexibility and movability that’s required, Gymshark clothing is ideal for those who like to get bendy on the Yoga mat.

Are You Ready to Try Gymshark?

With a range of well-known people and online personalities acting as huge advocates of the brand – such as fitness models and bodybuilders Marc Fitt, Lex Griffin, Christian Guzman and Matt Ogus – is it time you found out what all the fuss is about? We think so!

So whether you love Yoga or prefer hitting the gym, why not try some of the Gymshark gear? You can easily track upcoming Gymshark releases on and enjoy some great savings. Experience a great brand for less at Coupon Cause.

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