Boost Testosterone Levels: Vitamins, Steroids, Supplements?


Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the development of sexual characteristics in men. Females also produce testosterone but in smaller amounts. In men, testosterone is responsible for a number of functions such as: sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size and strength, red blood cell production, memory, cognitive function, mood regulation and also assist in sperm production.

The level of testosterone is controlled by the brain and pituitary gland. With increasing stress level among people, the lowered level of testosterone has become a chronic epidemic all around the world today. The normal level of testosterone helps in maintaining optimal weight and reduces the risk of degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, & certain cancers.

Boost Testosterone Levels
Boost Testosterone Levels

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The testosterone is at its peak in the early twenties and then drop about 10% with each successive decade. Beyond the age of 30, men lose 1.5% of their testosterone production each year. Andropause is the condition where a man has lost a greater proportion of their testosterone. The symptoms of male andropause include lowered libido, decreased muscle mass, increased abdominal fat accumulation, depression and lack of drive. The changes may go unnoticed for years. In a study conducted over 858 males over 40, men with low testosterone had an 88% increase risk of death compared with those who had normal levels.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally?

Let’s look at a few steps which can be taken to Symptoms of Low Testosterone:

1) Take a good night sleep: It is necessary to have a sound sleep in order to produce healthy sex hormones. The production of stress hormone increases if you don’t sleep well which lowers the testosterone level.

2) Take an anti-inflammatory diet: Increase your intake of anti-oxidants, good fats and proteins. The coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocados, olives, olive oil and fish oil contain the fatty acids required for testosterone production.

3) Intermittent Fasting: Keep a gap of 16 hours between dinner and breakfast. Take meals in an 8 hour time such as between 11 am to 7 pm.

4) High Intensity Exercise: high intensity resistance training helps boost testosterone. Lift heavy weights and do large muscle group, compound exercises such as squats, lunges, bench press, T-bar rows, pull-ups, overhead press, etc. Take proper rest between workouts.

5) Low Intensity Movement: Do not over-exercise and over-train yourself. Do high intensity workouts for a short period of time (max 30 minutes). You can do a lot of low-intensity movements such as walking, light cycling, playing, etc.

6) Bone Broth Protein: Bone Broth protein boosts testosterone production when used in combination with high intensity exercise.

7) Cold Showers: Start your bath with warm /hot water and turn it to cold for the last 30-60 seconds. This will pump your muscles and create a big shiver with muscle contraction. This boosts internal heat and the testosterone production.

8) Optimal Vitamin D: Low vitamin D3 causes low testosterone production. Increase the vitamin D intake through regular sun exposure and/or taking a high quality vitamin D3/K2 supplement.

9) Optimal Zinc and Magnesium levels: Both Zn and Mg are important for the production of testosterone. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of both zinc and magnesium. Consume green drinks or use super green powders and consume healthy organic meat products.

10) Consume less estrogen: Avoid foods which contain phytoestrogens such as soy, flax and many beans. Include lots of cruciferous veggies and in particular broccoli sprouts in your diet which has tons of I3C and DIM which help to detoxify bad estrogen metabolites that cause problems with estrogen/testosterone balance. You can use estrogen detoxifying supplements.

11) Deep breathing practice: Deep breathing helps calm and relax the body which lowers the stress hormone and enhances the production of sex hormones like testosterone that are needed for growth and repair.

12) Eat Spinach and Garlic: Spinach contains plant based steroids which helps protect the spinach plant from plant-parasitic nematodes. They also balance blood sugar, stabilize stress hormone and boost testosterone. Garlic is also higher in quality proteins which boost testosterone.

13) Use of Aswaghanda: The herb reduces the stress hormone, increases DHEA and boost testosterone levels. The Cortisol Defense helps get a good night sleep at night which supports testosterone.


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